Gold Sequin Shorts

Gold Sequin Shorts, Get Hip For Summer!

When you are a person who likes challenges or who loves a little dash of daring wearing gold sequin shorts must be on the top of your list for this year. It does not take a scientist to figure out how to wear this fashion apparel. By using your gold sequin shorts with the right blouse and several pieces of fashion accessories you might just be on your way to looking fabulous.

If the weather is gloomy and you need a little bit of cheering up the best way to do this is by wearing something out of the ordinary. Most ladies would gladly tell you that their mood changes for the better when they look their best. Sometimes a little sparkle can catch the right kind of fire. Make your sequined shorts look good on you by pairing them off with a long sleeve blouse, dark pair of pantyhose and high heeled boots. You must not however add more shine than this because your gold sequin shorts is enough to give you all the shine that you are after.

Are Gold Sequin Shorts too short?

gold sequin shorts

Stylish Gold Sequin Shorts

If your goal is to look and feel sexy we need to know just how exactly shorts must be to be deemed fashionable and stylish. There is a fine line between the right fashion sense and being a little on the loud side.

- Cut-offs. In the past wearing this type of shorts means cutting off your old jeans to create this look. Now shopping for a denim cut-off gold sequin shorts should be on the top of your list if you want an off-beat look that still breathes fashion. Some label this as street fashion. Some opt for just a few of the glitters and buy gold studded denim shorts instead

- Gold sequin hot pants. There are many ways of dressing up your hot pants. You can match them with a simple white blouse and use a single dark colored vest. You can wear a diamond ring or earrings to complement the outfit. You can also match your gold sequin shorts with a blouse, topped it up with blazer and wear high heels to tight the effect

What Kind of Gold Sequin Shorts to Wear Based On Your Body Type:

- Wearing Mid-Length gold sequin shorts is good for all body types. These gold shorts flatter your figure no matter what size you are in. These shorts simply make your legs look longer. For best results wear these studded shorts the right way by shopping for slimmer legged shorts since it controls the fullness of your legs

- Knee-length shorts. This type of short will work for those who have big size upper legs. The problem with wearing this type of short is that they can make your legs look shorter to solve this problem you can add inches by wearing wedges or high heeled well supported shoes. Go for the slim cut look

- Boy shaped figure can work best with loose cuts of flowing gold sequin shorts. Try to wear a plain darker blouse inside a elbow length soft blazer material that has feminine and lighter pastel colors since this will give your hips the curve that it needs

gold sequin shorts

Look sexy in a pair of gold sequin shorts!

- Short shorts. This works well for the petite or small body type. Wearing leather shorts can even do wonders to make your legs look longer

- Bermuda shorts works best for a woman who has a lot of dangerous curves to flaunt. These can be perfect even for traveling and can be worn in the workplace but then again wear it with the right blouse and shoes to fit into your work environment

- Roll-up gold sequin shorts are for those who have thinner legs or those who have stick thin legs to make it look curvier and sexy

Finally, this is the year when wearing gold sequin shorts means that you have class and that you dare to bare a little skin. This is quite true for the summer when it is too hot to wear something longer especially when it is date night. Gold sequin shorts are versatile and adaptable since it can go with several looks for this season. But if you love collecting them what is stopping you? Go ahead splurge a little because life is meant to celebrate. Just a few pairs of your gold sequin shorts will be enough to spruce up your fashion closet!

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