Gold Sequin Skirt

Look Great Wearing A Gold Sequin Skirt!

Having a few Gold Sequin Skirts in your wardrobe is a great way to spice up your look, or to have something that really gets peoples attention. Where it be a night out on the town, date, or party, heads are going to turn! There are many styles and looks that you can pull with this kind of skirt, because of the gold sequin color you can really get creative with outfit combinations and looks!

Many women today like to wear these skirts to create not only a strong sense of fashion, but also as a visual statement to their looks. Lots of styles and designs of other clothing go great with these gold skirts, you can even use accessories like gold jewelry, handbags, purses, tights, leggings, long jackets, or even hats! Many celebrities are starting to pull off the look, and so should you!

But before we get our hands dirty, lets take a look at a few very popular outfit parings when wearing a gold sequin skirt:

gold sequin skirt

Here we have the standard “date night/night out” look. Wearing heels to show off those legs, defiantly is a great paring with this style of skirt. Notice how she is wearing black heels with the black top. This is a very popular look, and fits very nicely together color wise. Using colors like black and white is a basic, yet effective way to make the gold stand out more, or give the look more contrast.

celebrity gold sequin skirt

Celebrities that like to pull of this look almost always wear a black long sleeved top. With either matching heels, or gold colored pumps. You can also wear black tights to make the look even more elegant and professional. Many people like to go for the “waist height” on the skirt to show more legs and to give the mid section more definition. This gold sequin skirt looks absolutely amazing paired with these options.

gold sequin skirt

Accessories can be paired with the sequin skirt to give more pop or flair to your look. If we breakdown this look starting from the top, she is wearing a long sleeve button up black shirt followed by the gold sequin skirt. Paring with some bracelets and rings is a great way to spice up the look, remember gold is the color were going for! Get out those necklaces and bracelets girls! A handbag or small purse can also be tied in with this look to give better definition.  I like the shoes on this look, they are a more high end boutique fashion look, that adds not only character but elegance to finish off the outfit. You can experiment by using any of these with your own look!

If you want to go all the way, wearing a gold sequin mini skirt is something you can do! Keep in mind you will be showing lots of skin! Best to know when and where to wear this, probably not something you would wear to Sunday mass, or to court! Granted this is a very high fashion look, you have to be not only confident but have lots of self respect to pull this look off. But with all that aside lets break down this outfit. Starting with a very beautiful white, short sleeved blouse, followed by the mini skirt and matching heels. This is a simple yet elegant look that you can even pair with accessories like a necklace or a long jacket when out in public or traveling.

So with all these different styles and looks It’s easy to find some great pairings with some clothing you probably already own! I personally like the more clean elegant look, like the model in the first picture. I have many skirts and always tend to lean towards the gold colors with the black and white, just because to me It’s very nice on the eyes and ties the look in together, for an elegant and fashionable style!

There are lots of big name shops (especially in malls) that you can buy these skirts at, some of my favorite include: H&M, Banana Republic, Forever 21, or even Victoria’s Secret! Be sure to sign up and check there websites out, for not only specials and sales, but for when new styles and looks are being released so you can be sure to have the first pair (all your friends will be jealous :D ). Be sure to have fun and always be creative when pairing outfits with your gold sequin skirt!

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